The most time i was traveling i've had no internet-connection. So i wrote texts for blogposts but i couldn't upload them immediately. The following posts won't be up to date. But for the content i doesn't matter. So here we go:

Later that Day

(that day I thought "should I go back to Germany")

Up and down and up and down. Okay, it is like it is. Maybe I can just be really relaxed, when I'm at a home of a nerd or something comparable. For now it is a guy with three wireless networks at a normal sized two-person flat. That's so pleasant :) The rooms have stucco on the ceiling. The white painted, heavy, wooden doors have old worn brazen handles. It's a very nice flat.

And there are these cats, whose favorite dish is humans socks/feet. And this looks so cute, that i grant them the meal :D

While my stay here, we had also a visitation by a hitchhiker traveling from Greek to the Netherlands. She is hitchhiking a lot and she kindly gave me her signs for C*, D*** and L.

Misc notes

I'll bring my "get rid of the shyness"-experiment to the next level. I just approach beautiful female stranger now... Just kidding, but yesterday was a good day :D

My good fiend M. made a Audiobook from the wonderful story "Momo", and she does this very good. Additional to this imho it perfectly fits into this city. I listened to it while i was about to sleep. Thank you, M.

About english-skills

It begins. I start thinking in english. Despite that i'm at the couch from a guy who speaks really good german, compared to my english. And every time i want to say something to him i already have the english words in my head.

BTW: Some of you say, that my english isn't that bad. For those i have to say: Writing blogposts is only half the story. I have to check up many words. So i have to express my thanks to For those who don't know it: This is a really mind-blowing invention. You can search for phrases, and it shows you correlate text-parts from multi-language web sides. This is a very good way to learn not just vocabulary but also grammar and figure of speech. But if you want to check just one word, then you should use e.g. The latter has a smartphone-app that is also working without internet-connection - very Useful.