It was a bad Start. It continues very good. It ended weird.

Trip to Calais

At the beginning i was stuck at the gas station at the motorway-access (about one hour and a bit) but i found someone who carried me to the first gas-station on the road. Afterwards it worked much better. I was sitting in a BMW 7 in a new Mercedes and here you see the difference between Germany and the countries around. I heard it often that people say, its harder to hitchhike in Germany than elsewhere. I can't confirm that. But the difference is, that you can be almost surely that you won't picked up by a very expensive car like these BMW's and Mercedes'.

After this i was sitting in a transporter with the five guys from "Jon Amor Blues Group" on the way back from their European & UK tour. I liked it there, because before i started my Job as programmer and designer i worked as an event-technician. And in this transporter/bus it smelled like this dirty cables, mixed with smoke, alcohol and energy drinks. This awakened memories to my time as event technician :)

Unfortunately the band couldn't get me into the ferry because they hat reserved tickets. I waited some time at the ticket-shop to find someone, but there was really no traffic. So i decided to buy such a damn ticket.

Other reasons to do this:

  • (At this time i thought) I still had the change to get the whole way to Bristol at one day.
  • I haven't found a good spot for couch-surfing between Dover and Bristol jet.
  • That day i felt a bit ill.
Later that day

But it was already dark when i arrived at Dover, and my illness wasn't leaving me. So i checked in at a real fucked up Hostel at Dover.

Next day

Oh shit. I'm really ill now. Not just these funny little headaches from the beginning of my tour. I mean a real cold. This wasn't increasing my will to take the vexations of hitchhiking in any way. And to take a break at Dover was even a bad decision. There is no good place to hitchhike between the harbour and the motorway. So i bought a rails-ticket to get as fast as possible to her. That was the only (and self-evidently even the best) way to avoid the worse. And it brought me to London where i wasn't allowed to get out the Underground-system, but leastwise could buy the "London"-Poster at Turf.

A view hours later, i was sniffling, driving in a double-decker bus through a beautiful city, to meet a beautiful girl.

PS: The used photos are maybe not the sweetest, but currently i have no other, and they describe my feeling that i had that day the best.