Here we go! Last Saturday i had tinker-day with my Raspberry Pi and on sunday i gained the laurels. I woke up, made some fresh breakfast with my girlfriend and turned on my TV/RasPi. ...and there it was! All the new Episodes of my favorite (Creative Commons-) TV-Shows. Automatically. And even more – i fond some things there, that i wanted, but didn’t expact. I’ll come to that later.

Now lets summerize what i did to make my plans work.

XBMC on Raspberry Pi

XBMC on Raspberry Pi by lespounder

[cc-sa-by] Photo by lespounder

Setting up a XBMC on my Raspberry Pi was pretty easy. The the NOOBS Software was already installed on the SD card that was included in the Pi set i bought. If you dont have it, just download it, and copy it to your SD card.

  • Stick the card into my Pi
  • Start Pi and select OpenELEC
  • Wait till it restarted
  • Setup WLAN
  • Add Media-Folders from my NAS
  • Done

Easy as that.

There have bin a view settings that i had to configure.


For example in Settings > Services there is an option for AirPlay (Apples interface for streaming Audio and Video), but unforunately this doesn‘t work all the time. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn‘t. And if it works, it just does it with iOS but never with my Mac. Till now i didn‘t figured out why. Does any of you have the same issues?

In my next Article i will tell you more about my NAS setup.