In my previous article i told you that i bought a Raspberry Pi. Here are my ideas for that...

What i want

Watching TV
  • I want to come home from work, turn on the tv, and watch one or two new eprisodes of my favorite series.
  • On the weekend i want to turn on my tv and watch a film.

What i don't want

What really grinds my gears!
  • Wait for delayed publishing-dates in germany.
  • Let Google, Amazon, Apple ect. know my interests.
  • Let Telekom know what i'm doing.
  • Check if there is a new episode.
  • Search for downloads or streams.
  • See big boobs on nasty streaming sites.
  • Care about file and folder-structures.

Equipment i have

  • MacBook
  • Synology NAS DS713+
  • Raspberry Pi connected to my TV

The Plan

I want a XBMC on my TV screen and i want a big automation-system behind it that just ask’s me which TV-Show i‘d like to follow and does every further task for me.

I’ll build the automation-system mostly on BitTorrent.


BitTorrent is a great peer-to-peer protocol for Filesharing. I already use it for example as an alternative to Dropbox. BitTorrent Sync is Dropbox in secure, not survailled, not commercial but the setup is as easy as Dropbox. But it‘s also a great way to get media files (with creative commons licence) like on this platform for german podcasts.

My first idea was to use the NAS as simple storage and let my Raspberry Pi do all the automated XBMC and Torrent stuff. But i repeatedly read about performance-issues, when people tried to stream HD files while torrents where in proccess. Someone wrote a script that stops all the torrent-stuff when he starts a movie.

But i decided to use my Pi as a simple XBMC (with OpenELEC for RaspberryPi like my workmate recommended it) and let the Synology NAS do all the hard torrent-, watch-folders- and sorting-work (i’ll elaborate on that later).

Read my follow-up article XBMC and AirPlay on Raspberry Pi.