I have bought a cute little Raspberry Pi.

Don't know, what it is? Watch this:

I bought it for several reasons. For example, I wanted an AirPlay-Device, which I can use for audio without turning on my TV (as you would have to do with AppleTV). Maybe something like an AirPort Extreme, which is also a WLAN router or at least repeater. But I also wanted a media-center, like an Apple TV. But these two would cost me ~200€ and I'm a bit afraid of the restrictions that Apple implements in some of their products.

A Raspberry Pi can do that all at once and it costs something about 30-40€. With the required SD-Card, a USB-WLAN stick and some cables I paid 61,74€. But you have to learn how to set things up. You have to get smarten up. That's the price.

Raspberry Pi

But that's just one idea. I‘m also interested in the Freifunk project. That's a german mesh network. Free internet access to the people!

Ah.. and a Grand Decentral Station on a Pi would be awesome. But it will take some time till this happens.

And a friend asked me to survail a bird box with it. Funny idea my friend, but you probably have to do this on your own :P

In the near future, I'll tell you more about my setup.

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