Our environment isn't made for creative ideas. There its so much interesting, nice and fancy stuff around us, that tries to get our attention.

Sometime i realised, that the morning-time is the best time for me to think about great solutions for complex tasks (in a very short Summery). I call this a "Creative Technique". No one teached me this, and i've never read about it in any text on any blog. Thats why i want to see this typed down here.

My day starts like this:
I wake up, and register the first sounds of the day and unfortunately i have the reflex to open my eyes. So i close them quick to protect my head from unnecessary information. I'll need this buffer-space for my following thoughts. Then i reflect my current projects and the remaining challenges. Because the time between "wake up" and "open your eyes" is the best time to develop creative ideas.

So, i pick up one task to think about it until i have a picture of a reasonably developed solution in my head. Only then i open my eyes to grab my skechbook & pen. Most often i already deposited it providently beside my bed. To keep it only in mind until i need the information again usually fails.

Why do i forget my ideas so quickly? …i don't know. You should ask Manfred Spitzer :D
I'm working on that issue..

Why i write about it at this particular time, has the following reason:
I currently read a very recommendable germanophone book about leisure time. The book is called "Muße: Vom Glück des Nichtstuns" (translated: "Leisure - about the joy of inaction"). And without asking for it, the book gave me the answer why i have my greatest ideas in bed in the morning. Our brains can just buffer a limited amount of information sets. How many is unclear and differs from person to person, but researchers say its about seven. This knowledge isn't new, but it's good to bring this back in mind and think about it from time to time.

So if i open my eyes and register (even if subconsciously) what the wether is like and that i could tidy up my room once again, i occupied already the space for two information sets. Until i reach my workplace i have to make extra efforts to set these occupied recourses free again. This set-recourses-free can be trained, but thats another story.

One or the other reader of my blog, is constantly busy with finding creative solutions for problems. I recommend you to try this technique.

And now something for my German-speaking readers:
Diesen Text habe ich in einem Texteditor geschrieben, der mir ebenfalls dabei hilft mein Gehirn mit möglichst wenig Informationen abzulenken. Das ist extrem hilfreich um mich auf's wesentliche - das Schreiben - konzentrieren zu können. Wenn ihr mit meinem Artikel etwas anfangen konntet, möchte ich euch diesen Texteditor noch mal an's Herz legen.