This blog wasn't used to be a very personal blog. But today I start a quite long travel. When, where and how, will be clarified later.

Good Morning

For now I'm sitting in a café in my hometown Gießen in the center of Germany, enjoying my last breakfast here. There are many things to do before I'm able to get away from home and since this morning i'm a bit ill. In addition to that there is no train, witch I have to catch, no plane and no traveling companion waiting for me. It seems to be nearly impossible to catch the intended date. I try to envision that there is a ultimatum for me. So I've packed my scarf, two layers of pullovers and a rain-resisted jacket, i'm a bit muddy but ready to start.

Later that day

Yay! I reached the first level! Met my friend S. at the Cologne Cathedral.

With some Help from Betti, Noel, Andy and Steffan - a good friend of mine and some friendly field personnels. These are the guys with the boring but pleasent, black or silver shooting brakes. Many of them are sitting in those cars, driving on germanys autobahns, waiting for changes to help hitchhikers reaching their goals :)

I asked four times to get three positive answers. Good rate.

The bad news: I'm ill. I slept 10 hours and i'm feeling bad.
The good news: I slept 10 hours. Hello, my fuckin' great new sleeping bag.