I haven't get known that much people right now, but I love this city already. It feels just right to me. It has this feeling like: Everything is a bit rugged but in a nice way. And it doesn't feel like a huge City with 441.300 inhabitants. The City is less high, more flat, less FFM, more Berlin. Berlin with a bit less hecticness or like the threesome of Berlin (creative place, place where people use Twitter), Gießen (down to earth) and Marburg (shabby, but nice). Naaamsayn?

E.g. they care about how these boards look like that stand in front of the cafes and bars. Yea, it's a real simple thing, but it's a thing were germans give a shit, and i don't understand why. They seem to have more feeling about good typography and rhythm & space. Or they are more willed to pay people, that have. And there are these "Free WiFi"-Sticker on their Windows. In Germany you have to go in each cafe to ask for WiFi, before you can buy your Coffee. Annoying…

Just the shopping-areas, they look all the same, no matter if you're at Berlin, Cologne, Brussels, Gießen or Bristol ( Un Wetzlar, net vergesse… Wetzlar :P ).

But I'm getting poor here. Everything is expensive, in a german point of view. Elisa and I wanted to order a pizza, cause we had coupons like: "two for the price of one". But the half price for one normal sized pizza was even higher than a similar Pizza in Germany! I hope there will be some money left for the dBridge-Concert :)

That's it for now. I'm sitting in a Hostel in the centre of Bristol. The walls are painted with street art allover. The buildings around me the same. And at the day's i'm searching for calm Cafe's with WiFi, and if i don't find them, i work at the hostels common rooms.

Uuups… maybe some of you don't know this jet: These are not my holidays. I work for a company in Germany (we doing smartphone-apps, tablet-apps, web sides and stuff), no matter where i am. Not the (in germany common) full 40 hours, but it's a bit difficult anyway, because of the constantly changing workspaces and atmospheres. So it's far away from "ninetofive" it's more like (e.g. yesterday) "eleventotwelfthirty-break-thirteentofifteen-break-nineteentotwentyfour".

BTW: If anyone of you can list me some musicians from Bristol (not just, but also Dubstep and Bass), i would love to check them out.